Gradiated pink sapphire and ruby earrings



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Adorn your ears with these graduated pink sapphire and ruby earrings that scream style, sophistication and glamour. These earrings are crafted from 14kt pink gold and are delightfully embellished with 1.83ct of ruby gemstones, 1.69ct of pink sapphires, and 0.45ct of diamonds. Perfectly seductive, these earrings are a definite classic.


Ruby information
Number of Stones 70
Weight1.83 ct
Pink Sapphire information
Number of Stones 56
Weight1.69 ct
Diamond information
Number of Stones 126
Weight0.45 ct
Metal: 14kt Pink Gold
NOTE: Prices and availability are subject to change without notice. All weights are aproximate. If you have any questions about this item. please contact us.


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